📲10 easy signs that your phone is hacked

Unusual battery drainage on phone

This could be a sign of a hacking attempt. Stay vigilant and keep an eye on your device's performance.

Unexpected pop-ups and ads disrupting 

It might be more than just annoying. Run a security check to ensure your device is not compromised. 

Unfamiliar apps on your phone

This could be a red flag for unauthorized access. Regularly review your app list and remove anything suspicious.

 Sudden network slowdowns or disruptions

Cyber attackers may be attempting to control your device remotely. Keep an eye on your network performance and report any issues promptly. 

Friends receiving strange messages from you

Your account might be compromised. Change your passwords immediately and enable two-factor authentication

Experiencing frequent app crashes

It could be a sign of malicious activity. Check for updates, and if the problem persists, consider a thorough security scan.

 Someone is watching you through your camera

Secure your privacy by covering your camera when not in use. Take control of your device's camera permissions for added security. 

Suspicious emails or messages

Be cautious and avoid clicking on any links. Report such messages and keep your personal data safe.

Unusual data usage spikes

Your data might be at risk. Monitor your data usage regularly and investigate any unexpected surges. 

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