10 Hidden Gems of Europe's Dining Scene

Don't Say Ketchup! 

Unveiling quirks you won't find back home.

Europe's Eatery Surprises!

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Fries come with mayo in Europe, not ketchup. Prepare for raised eyebrows if you request otherwise.

Mayo, Not Ketchup!

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Europe's coffees are espresso-sized. Order an Americano for a larger cup, but savor the strong taste.

Tiny Coffees, Big Flavor

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Outdoor seating often means smoke. Embrace the European cafe culture and people-watch as you sip your coffee.

Smoking Outdoors

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European restaurants bring the card machine to you for secure payments. No more handing over your card!

Card on the Table

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Always politely inquire before grabbing a seat, even if there's no "wait to be seated" sign. Manners matter!

Ask Before You Sit

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Coffee and tea come with tiny cookies or chocolates in Europe. A delightful bonus to your beverage!

Sweet Sips

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European meals are generally smaller than American ones. Enjoy the variety and maybe grab a pastry later!

Savoring Smaller Portions

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Outdoor seating with better views often comes with higher drink prices. Choose your priorities: panorama or purse?

Pricey Views

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European servers earn living wages, so tipping isn't expected. Save your euros for gelato!

Tipping Not Required

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Look for the "plat du jour" for a budget-friendly prix fixe lunch option. Delicious and convenient!

Dish of the Day Deal

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Embrace the unique customs and enjoy the amazing food scene. Europe's restaurants offer a delightful adventure!

Bon Appétit, Europe

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