Center for Buddhist Culture Gompa A serene escape in Itanagar

Located on a hill overlooking Itanagar, the Center for Buddhist Culture Gompa offers peace and tranquility.

A colorful gate marks the entrance, leading to a white stupa with golden carvings against a backdrop of green hills.

Inside the main Gompa, smaller but no less captivating, vibrant paintings adorn the walls.

The monk who came out was surprisingly casual about being photographed.

From the back of the Gompa, you can enjoy panoramic views of the town and surrounding hills.

This Buddhist temple, dedicated by the Dalai Lama, boasts beautiful architecture and a serene atmosphere.

Don't miss the statue of Buddha during his time of self-starvation before enlightenment.

The Center for Buddhist Culture Gompa is a must-visit for its peaceful ambiance and breathtaking views.

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