Khichdi 2

Movie Review

Plot Overview

The Parekh family is assigned a mission by the TIA to abduct a tyrannical king in Paanthukistan and rescue an Indian nuclear scientist.

Familiar Comedy Elements

The film retains the charm of the popular franchise with hilarious one-liners and the signature goofiness of characters like Praful, Hansa, and Himanshu.

Stand-Alone Appeal

As a standalone film, it is rib-tickling, providing relentless laughter with the characters' antics, especially in the first half.

Character Strength

The actors, including Supriya Pathak, Anang Desai, Vandana Pathak, and JD Majethia, deliver strong performances, maintaining their comic timing and interactions.

Over-the-Top Shift

The narrative becomes over the top once the Parekh family reaches Paanthukistan, with situations and characters turning excessively exaggerated, diminishing the comedy's impact.

Unnecessary Elements

The citizens' unimaginative names and various sequences feel unnecessary and appear to be stuffed in an attempt to heighten the comedy, making the later part of the film shakier.

Post-Interval Challenges

The comedy weakens in the post-interval portion, and the story takes a bizarre turn, with some elements seeming disconnected and hindering the overall flow.

Mixed Musical Impact

Chirantan Bhatt's music is not a highlight, and the songs disrupt the narrative flow, although the actors' performances and nonsensical capers still provide laughter, making it enjoyable for fans of the franchise.

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