Know eight fastest running animals in the world

Cheetah is the fastest runner in the world. They can run 75 miles or 120 kms per hour in the wild. The cheetah has a unique body with a flexible spine that helps it attain such a speed.

Pronghorn are considered as the second fastest running animal in the world. Native to North America, these are hoofed antelopes who can run upto 60 miles or 96kms per hour. They can also run faster for longer distance.

Springbok will definitely come third in the list of fastest animals. This native of southern Africa can run upto 55 miles or 88 kms per hour. They can also jump upto 3 meter high.

Wildebeest of Africa comes fourth in the race with the capacity to run upto 50 miles or 80kms per hour. Their body is made such a way that helps them achieve such a feat.

Lion is the only one among big cats that enters this list of fastest runner. With the stout body the lions can run upto 50 miles of 80 oms per hour. However, the king of the jungle can run for short bursts only.

Blackbucks found in Southern Asia, Nepal and Pakistan can run upto 48 miles or 77 kms per hour. The animal can however make strides as long as 6.5 meters in the wild.

Native of Australia and some New Guinea Islands,  Kangaroos can hop at 44 miles or  71 km per hour in short bursts.

African wild dogs have also made it to the list with their capacity to run 44 miles or 77kms per hour.

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