Great beaches across the world


With its over 300 Islands Fiji has great beaches in the world. With some of the best resorts the beaches in Fiji offer great vacations to adventure seekers, surfers and divers. The beaches in Fiji also offers great foods and alcoholic beverages.


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Located northwest of Tahiti in French Polynesia Bora Bora is a small South Pacific island that boasts of great beaches. With green forests and several overwater bungalow resorts, Bora Bora offers a great experience to beach lovers.

Bora Bora

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Located Southwest of Bahamas Turks & Caicos Islands has spellbinding which sandy beaches. Also home to one of the largest reef systems in the world, Turks & Caicos offers a great beach experience with its luxury hotels.

Turks & Caicos Islands

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Located east of Madagascar, Mauritius has several great beaches in the world that offers one with unique experience. Those seeking solitude and adventure can chose between West coast and the north coast of Mauritius.


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With 1200 Islands Maldives can be a great beach destinations in the world. With the blue waters and luxury resorts Maldives is also a popular honeymoon destinations in the world. From scuba diving to relaxing at the Island spas Maldives beaches offer spectacular experience. 


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If French cuisine is high on your list, Tahiti should be the next destination. With its verdant jungles, sandy beaches and lip smacking French cuisine Tahiti offers great beach experience.


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Located between between the Caribbean Sea and North Atlantic Ocean, St Lucia has small but pristine beaches. St. Lucia offers exciting water sports opportunities and hiking experience.

St. Lucia

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The beaches in Seychelles can be an ideal escape. With a cluster of 115 Islands, Seychelles beaches are crowd-free but full of bright blue waters and a tranquil aura. Endless white beaches, giant boulders and swaying palms can attract anyone.


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Bali is often termed as heaven. The only difference is that one can actually be in Bali. Bali offers great beach experience to those who wants to relax amid the waves of blue waters and some of the lip smacking foods.


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Located in the North Atlantic Ocean off the southwest coast of Morocco, Canary Island beaches are a tropical paradise. The seven Islands offers enviable strips of shoreline that roll out into aquamarine waters.

Canary Islands

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