Man Gravely Injured in Rhino Encounter Near Kaziranga National Park

A man named Lomboram Borah was seriously injured in a rhino attack while tending to his cow near Assam's Golaghat district, raising concerns about increasing human-rhino conflicts near Kaziranga National Park.

Man Gravely Injured in Rhino Encounter Near Kaziranga National Park
Man Gravely Injured in Rhino Encounter Near Kaziranga National Park

Golaghat, February 3: Lomboram Borah, a resident of Difloo Pathar village in Assam’s Golaghat district, is recovering from serious injuries after being attacked by a rhino on his way to tend to his cow near Bokakhat. The incident, which occurred near the fringes of Kaziranga National Park, highlights the growing issue of human-rhino conflict in the region.

According to reports, Borah was walking through the fields when he encountered the rhino. The details of the attack remain unknown, but Borah sustained significant injuries and is currently receiving medical attention. His condition is said to be stable.

This incident is not isolated. In recent months, several human-rhino conflicts have been reported near Kaziranga National Park, raising concerns for both human safety and wildlife conservation. In December 2023, a man was injured in a similar attack near the Eastern Range Gamiri, while another incident occurred near the Haldhibari corridor in November.

Experts attribute these encounters to various factors, including habitat loss due to human settlements and agricultural expansion, leading to fragmented wildlife corridors. This forces animals like Rhinos to venture outside protected areas in search of food and water, increasing the chances of encountering humans.

The attacks highlight the need for proactive measures to mitigate human-rhino conflict. Conservation efforts focusing on habitat restoration, corridor creation, and community awareness programs are crucial to ensure the safety of both humans and these majestic creatures.

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