Congress Chief Kharge Attacks Modi Govt, Says Centre’s Intervention Undermines Federalism

Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge accused the BJP-led central government of interfering in state governance and weakening federalism. He also criticized the government's handling of the economy, alleging rising unemployment and inflation under PM Modi's tenure.

Congress Chief Kharge Attacks Modi Govt, Says Centre's Intervention Undermines Federalism
Congress Chief Kharge Attacks Modi Govt, Says Centre's Intervention Undermines Federalism

National Desk, Feb 4: In a fiery speech at a rally in Kerala, Kharge charged the Centre with undermining the principles of federalism through its interventions in state affairs and attempts to curb their political autonomy. He cited instances of governor interference and efforts to weaken public sector undertakings as examples of this encroachment.

Kharge further painted a grim picture of the Indian economy under the Modi government, highlighting rising unemployment and inflation that have disproportionately impacted the poor and middle class. He accused the government of prioritizing private sector interests, particularly those of a select few while neglecting the public sector and marginalized communities.

The Congress chief offered a contrasting vision for Kerala’s economy, emphasizing job creation, attracting investment, and promoting sustainable growth. He pledged to recognize the state’s unique challenges in infrastructure, environment, and disaster management and highlighted the Congress party’s historical contributions to Kerala’s development.

Kharge concluded by drawing parallels between Kerala’s diverse and harmonious society and the Congress party’s values of love, compassion, democracy, and secularism. This message resonated with the audience, further amplifying his criticism of the BJP-led government’s policies.

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