Deadly Clash Leaves One Dead and Four Injured in Manipur’s Imphal East District

One person has been killed and four others, including a Junior Commissioned Officer (JCO), were injured in a violent confrontation between two armed groups in Manipur's Imphal East district. Get the latest updates on this developing situation.

Deadly Clash Leaves One Dead and Four Injured in Manipur's Imphal East District
Deadly Clash Leaves One Dead and Four Injured in Manipur's Imphal East District

Imphal, February 14: A tragic clash between rival armed groups in Manipur’s Imphal East district has resulted in the death of one individual and left four others injured, including a Junior Commissioned Officer (JCO). The incident occurred at Khamenlok, where heavy gunfire erupted between the warring factions, causing chaos and panic in the area.

The deceased has been identified as Sagolsem Loya, while three of the injured have been swiftly transported to a hospital in Imphal for urgent medical attention. The clash escalated rapidly, prompting security forces to intervene in an attempt to restore order and prevent further bloodshed.

During the confrontation, a JCO from the security team was struck by a bullet in his right calf as the rival groups turned their aggression towards the responding forces. Despite the volatile situation, the security personnel retaliated, forcing the armed cadres to retreat momentarily.

In an effort to provide necessary medical care, the injured JCO has been evacuated by helicopter to the Military Hospital at the Leimakhong Military station, where his condition is currently described as stable. However, tensions remain palpable in the Khamenlok area, particularly given its Meitei-dominated demographic, heightening concerns about the potential for further violence.

Authorities are actively monitoring the situation, urging for calm and restraint while investigations into the clash continue. The safety and well-being of residents in the affected region remain a top priority as efforts are made to quell the unrest and prevent any further loss of life or injuries.

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