PM Modi Inaugurates BAPS Hindu Temple in Abu Dhabi, Meets Artisans and Devotees

Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurates the first Hindu temple in Abu Dhabi, the BAPS Mandir, and meets artisans, volunteers, and devotees involved in its construction. Read more about this historic event here.

PM Modi Inaugurates BAPS Hindu Temple in Abu Dhabi, Meets Artisans and Devotees
PM Modi Inaugurates BAPS Hindu Temple in Abu Dhabi, Meets Artisans and Devotees

News Desk, February 14: Prime Minister Narendra Modi marked a historic moment in Abu Dhabi as he inaugurated the majestic BAPS Hindu Temple, the first of its kind in the capital of the United Arab Emirates. The temple, a symbol of cultural harmony and spiritual devotion, stands tall as a testament to the enduring friendship between India and the UAE.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by thousands, where PM Modi not only unveiled the architectural marvel but also took the time to meet with the artisans who meticulously crafted its stunning features. Hailing from Gujarat and Rajasthan, these two thousand artisans poured their expertise and dedication into carving intricate statues, pillars, and columns for the temple over the span of four years.

During his visit, PM Modi also engaged with volunteers and key contributors who played pivotal roles in bringing the temple to fruition, underscoring the collective effort and commitment behind this monumental project.

Accompanied by children who crafted miniature art pieces, PM Modi immersed himself in the cultural significance of the temple, symbolizing the bond between the two nations.

The BAPS Mandir, standing at an impressive 108 feet, not only serves as a place of worship but also showcases remarkable engineering and craftsmanship. Its foundation stone, laid by PM Modi in 2017, represents a cornerstone of cultural unity and collaboration.

With advanced technology incorporated, including 300 sensors, the temple stands as a scientific marvel, further emphasizing its significance in the region.

The estimated cost of the temple construction, totaling Dh400 million, reflects the unwavering devotion and commitment of the community towards this project.

The temple’s inauguration on the auspicious occasion of Basant Panchmi adds to its spiritual significance, drawing devotees from far and wide.

PM Modi’s visit to the UAE signifies the strengthening of bilateral ties, with this being his third visit to the Gulf country in the past eight months.

As the BAPS Hindu Mandir emerges as a symbol of architectural brilliance and cultural unity, it proudly stands as the largest stone Hindu temple in West Asia, embodying the spirit of peace and collaboration.

Following his visit to Abu Dhabi, PM Modi will proceed to Doha, continuing his diplomatic engagements in the region.