Haryana Police Fire Tear Gas at Protesting Farmers on Shambhu Border

Haryana Police resort to tear gas as farmers attempt to breach Shambhu border. Farmers' leaders urge for peaceful protest amid tensions. Read more for updates on the ongoing standoff.

Haryana Police Fire Tear Gas at Protesting Farmers on Shambhu Border
Haryana Police Fire Tear Gas at Protesting Farmers on Shambhu Border

Chandigarh, February 21: Tensions escalated on the Shambhu border as Haryana Police resorted to firing tear gas shells in response to protesting farmers attempting to breach the border. The farmers, amidst their ongoing protest march towards the national capital, demanding a guarantee of minimum support price (MSP) for crops, encountered resistance as they neared the Haryana border. Despite appeals from farmers’ leaders for peaceful demonstrations, the situation remained volatile.

Equipped with gas masks, bulldozers, and heavy machinery, the farmers from Punjab faced off against the Haryana Police. However, authorities issued stern warnings to the owners of earthmover machines and bulldozers, cautioning them of potential criminal liability for any involvement in breaching security measures.

In an official statement posted on social media, the Haryana Police urged owners and operators of machinery not to provide services to protesters. Citing the risk of these machines being used against security forces, the police emphasized the gravity of such actions, labeling them as non-bailable offenses.

“A huge build-up of farmers from Punjab and Haryana continued on the borders of Haryana as they were ready to head to the national capital to lodge their protest over demands as they rejected the government proposal.”

As tensions persist on the Shambhu border, the standoff between farmers and authorities underscores the deepening divide over agricultural policies and the MSP issue. Despite efforts to maintain peace, clashes between protesters and law enforcement remain a significant concern, with both sides standing firm on their respective positions. The situation remains fluid as stakeholders monitor developments closely amidst the ongoing protests.

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