8 Animated films & series to watch this Children's Day


A classic tale with a twist, following the adventures of a fearsome ogre on a mission to reclaim his swamp.

Turning Red

Encourages teens, especially girls, to embrace self-belief and face challenges as they navigate adolescence.

The Boss Baby

A wholesome comedy featuring a baby in a suit with endless humor.

Up And Away

Teaches bravery, a sense of right and wrong, and compassion as Hodja embarks on a mission with a flying carpet.

Killer Bean Forever

Combines intense action and drama in a hilarious way.

Hotel Transylvania 3

Imparts lessons of trust, honesty, and letting go of the past, making it a family-friendly watch.

The Legend Of Hanuman

Takes us on a journey as Lord Mahadev is reborn as Hanuman, becoming a beacon of hope.

Krishna: Makhan Chor

A movie filled with mischief, innocence, and familial bonds, bringing families closer together.

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