Know about Noa Marciano?

Who is Noa Marciano?

Noa Marciano was a soldier of the Israeli Army and she was held hostage by the Hamas along with 240 other people

Noa Marciano was just 19 year old and she had served in the Combat Intelligence Collection Corps of the Israeli Army

Noa’s mother said that Noa was hiding inside a bomb shelter in the Nadal Oz kibbutz in Southern Israel when the Hamas took her as hostage along with others

Israeli authority said that Noa Marciano was taken hostage by the Hamas on October 7

Noa’s mother Adi Marciano said that she spoke to her daughter last time on October 7, little before she was taken hostage by the Hamas

The armed conflict between the Israeli and Palestine is a military as well as and political conflict, which is also one of the world's longest continuing conflicts 

The fresh conflict started on 7 October this year when an armed militants from Palestinian launched a multi-pronged invasion of southern Israel

According to reports over 1,200 Israelis and more than 11,000 Palestinians, mostly women and children, were killed during the ongoing war between Israel and Palestine

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