Manipur Violence Erupts Again: Two Village Volunteers Killed, Five Injured in Camp Attack

Manipur has been rocked by fresh violence as two village volunteers were killed and five others injured in an attack on their makeshift camp. The clash between rival groups erupted near Kadangband village, forcing villagers to flee for safety. Security forces have been deployed to the area to control the situation.

2 killed, 5 injured in fresh bout of violence in Manipur
2 killed, 5 injured in fresh bout of violence in Manipur

Imphal, Manipur, Jan 30: Fresh clashes between rival ethnic groups in Manipur have claimed the lives of two village volunteers and injured five others, plunging the bordering areas of Kangpokpi and Imphal West districts back into turmoil. The attack on Tuesday evening targeted a makeshift camp set up by the volunteers near Kadangband village.

According to police reports, armed members of a rival group launched a sudden assault on the village volunteers’ camp. The ensuing gunfight was intense, with both sides exchanging fire. N. Michael (33) and M. Khaba (23), two of the volunteers, were tragically killed in the crossfire.

Five other individuals sustained injuries during the attack and were rushed to the Regional Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) in Imphal for immediate medical attention. Their current condition remains unknown.

Sources reveal that the attack followed a period of relative calm, raising concerns about a renewed escalation of tensions between the two groups. After a brief lull, reports suggest that both sides regrouped and resumed the armed confrontation on Tuesday night.

The violence has sparked fear and panic among residents of Kadangband and neighboring Koutruk villages. A large number of villagers, including women, children, and elderly individuals, have reportedly fled their homes in search of safer areas.

Security Forces Deployed: Security forces have been promptly deployed to the affected area to control the situation and prevent further violence. Investigations into the incident are ongoing, and further details are expected to emerge soon.

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