Modi Accuses Congress of Losing Election Courage, Slams “Nepotism” in Scathing Attack

PM Modi launches a fiery attack on Congress in Lok Sabha, calling them "negative" and "scared" to contest elections. He criticizes "parivaarvad" and questions their leadership.

Modi Accuses Congress of Losing Election Courage, Slams
Modi Accuses Congress of Losing Election Courage, Slams "Nepotism" in Scathing Attack

National Desk, Feb 5: Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a scathing attack on the Congress-led Opposition in the Lok Sabha on Monday, accusing them of being “negative and destructive” and of having lost the courage to contest elections.

Modi was replying to the Motion of Thanks in the President’s address, and he used his speech to aim at the Opposition’s record in government and its current state of affairs.

He said that the Congress had failed to take up the responsibility as Opposition and that they would continue to sit in the opposition, “and it seems they are prepared for it.”

Modi also ridiculed the Congress for its “dwindling” fortunes in successive elections, saying that after the coming Lok Sabha polls, the party would be seen seated in the “visitors’ gallery.”

In a scathing attack on nepotism and “Parivaarvad” in politics, directed at Rahul Gandhi, Modi slammed the top Congress leadership for trying to “launch and re-launch the same person” without any tangible results.

He also said that he always advocates a good and robust Opposition, but it was sad to see that they had lost the courage to contest elections.

“In the election year, the Opposition could have come up with some constructive agenda to corner the government, but it failed miserably,” Modi said.

Further lashing out at the Opposition, the Prime Minister said that many Opposition members were contemplating their seats this time in a bid to confirm their seats.

He said that “sensing trouble”, many were having double thoughts about contesting the Lok Sabha polls and were now thinking of entering the Parliament via Rajya Sabha.

Modi also accused the Congress of trying to pull the Centre’s leg even on progressive policies and advised it to keep national interest above its own.

“Congress is stuck in a cancel culture. It wants everything cancelled. It says cancel Make in India, cancel Vocal for Local and Vande Bharat… I’m surprised. Because of its hate politics, the country’s achievements are getting cancelled,” Modi said.

The Prime Minister’s speech was met with cheers from the BJP benches, but the Opposition members staged a walkout in protest.

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