US Threatens Veto Against Gaza Ceasefire Resolution, Pushing for Hostage Deal Instead
US Threatens Veto Against Gaza Ceasefire Resolution, Pushing for Hostage Deal Instead

News Desk, February 18: The United States has raised concerns about a proposed UN Security Council resolution calling for a ceasefire in Gaza, threatening to veto it if brought to a vote. Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield stated Washington’s preference for a hostage exchange agreement between Israel and Hamas, coupled with a six-week pause in hostilities.

US Prioritizes Hostage Deal and Humanitarian Pause:

Ambassador Thomas-Greenfield highlighted ongoing diplomatic efforts led by President Biden to secure the release of hostages and facilitate a temporary ceasefire. She emphasized the potential of such a deal to deliver much-needed humanitarian aid to Gaza’s civilian population.

Concerns with Proposed Resolution:

The US expresses reservations about the proposed resolution, believing it might hinder progress on the hostage deal and prolong the conflict. Thomas-Greenfield urged the UN Security Council to prioritize pressuring Hamas into accepting the proposed agreement.

Arab Nations Advocate for Ceasefire:

In contrast, Arab countries within the UN reiterated their support for the Algerian-drafted resolution seeking an immediate ceasefire and unimpeded humanitarian access. They believe this approach is crucial to prevent a potential ground invasion of Rafah by Israeli forces.

Palestinian Plea for UN Action:

Palestinian ambassador Riyad Mansour expressed strong support for the proposed resolution, underlining the perceived widespread backing for it among UN member states. He pleaded with the Security Council to take immediate action.

US Reiterates Commitment to Diplomacy:

Despite the veto threat, the US pledges to continue diplomatic efforts. Ambassador Thomas-Greenfield conveyed that the US will hold both Israeli and regional leaders accountable for upholding the safety of Rafah’s civilians.

Outlook Uncertain:

The international community faces a critical juncture regarding the ongoing conflict in Gaza. While the US prioritizes a hostage deal and temporary ceasefire, other nations advocate for an immediate and comprehensive ceasefire resolution. The success of either approach hinges on securing agreement from all parties involved, particularly Hamas.

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