Pune Police Seize 600 kg of MD Worth Rs 1100 Crore in Major Drug Bust

Pune Police Commissioner confirms the seizure of 600 kg of MD worth Rs 1100 crore in a significant drug bust. Three individuals have been arrested, and investigations are ongoing. Read more about the operation here.

Pune Police Seize 600 kg of MD Worth Rs 1100 Crore in Major Drug Bust
Pune Police Seize 600 kg of MD Worth Rs 1100 Crore in Major Drug Bust

National Desk, Feb 20: In a significant operation, Pune Police have seized 600 kilograms of MD, with an estimated value of Rs 1100 crore. The seizure marks a major breakthrough in the fight against drug trafficking in the region. Pune Police Commissioner Amitesh Kumar has confirmed the development, stating that investigations into the case are currently underway.

The seizure follows the arrest of three individuals on Monday, identified as Vaibhav alias Pintya Bharat Mane, Ajay Amarnath Korsia, and Haider Sheikh. Initially, police confiscated drugs worth Rs four crore from the trio. Subsequently, a raid conducted in Vishrantwadi led to the discovery of additional drugs valued at over Rs 100 crore.

Commissioner Amitesh Kumar informed reporters that following the interrogation of the suspects, two godowns in the Vishrantwadi area were searched, resulting in the seizure of 55 kilograms of MD. Further investigation led authorities to a chemical factory where an additional 550 kilograms of MD were seized. In total, Pune Police have confiscated 600 kilograms of MD with a staggering value of Rs 1100 crores.

The Commissioner emphasized the commitment of Pune Police to combatting drug-related crimes, stating that ensuring a drugs-free Pune remains a top priority. He warned that individuals involved in illegal activities would face strict consequences.

Moreover, it was revealed that the chemical factory located in Kurkumbh belonged to an individual named Anil Sable, who has also been arrested in connection with the case.

Commissioner Amitesh Kumar clarified that the action taken thus far is based on the case registered on Monday. He affirmed that Pune Police would continue their efforts to dismantle drug networks operating in the region, deploying teams to various locations for further investigation.

The seizure of such a significant quantity of MD underscores the ongoing battle against drug trafficking in Maharashtra, with authorities doubling down on their efforts to curb the illicit trade.

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