Assam DGP Assesses Security Breach at Dibrugarh Central Jail: Amritpal Singh’s Alleged Involvement Investigated

Assam DGP GP Singh arrives in Dibrugarh following a security breach at the Central Jail. Investigations delve into Amritpal Singh's alleged ties and activities within the prison premises.

Assam DGP Assesses Security Breach at Dibrugarh Central Jail
Assam DGP Assesses Security Breach at Dibrugarh Central Jail

Dibrugarh, Feb 20: Assam Director General of Police (DGP) GP Singh has landed in Dibrugarh, embarking on a mission to evaluate a notable security breach at the Dibrugarh Central Jail. The breach, which has raised significant concerns, is under thorough investigation to unveil the intricacies of its network and the extent of external support it may have garnered.

Allegations Against Amritpal Singh

At the center of this security breach lies Amritpal Singh, a figure known for his radical pro-Khalistan stance. Singh, who was arrested in April 2023, is believed to have orchestrated unauthorized activities from within the confines of the Dibrugarh Central Jail. Sources suggest his ties to the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and his alleged involvement in arming a private militia called Anandpur Khalsa Fauj (AKF).

Coordinated Efforts to Crack Down

Despite his incarceration, Amritpal Singh seems to have sustained his activities, prompting both state and central authorities to collaborate in dismantling his network. The concerted effort aims not only to neutralize immediate threats but also to prevent any recurrence of such breaches in the future.

Additional Surveillance Measures Implemented

To address suspicions of illicit operations within the jail premises, the DGP revealed the implementation of heightened surveillance measures. Subsequent searches unearthed various unauthorized devices, including smartphones, keypad phones, spy-cam pens, and more. These discoveries underscore the need for stringent security protocols within correctional facilities.

Investigative Endeavors Underway

Investigations into the security breach are ongoing, with authorities diligently probing into the source of support for the network. The meticulous process aims to unveil the intricacies of the operation and hold all involved parties accountable for their actions.

Amritpal Singh’s Background and Alleged Activities

Born on January 17, 1993, Amritpal Singh rose to prominence for his radical pro-Khalistan stance and self-styled Sikh preaching. His return to Punjab in September 2022 marked the inception of his controversial leadership role in the “Heirs of Punjab” movement, advocating for the establishment of a sovereign Sikh state known as Khalistan.

As Assam DGP GP Singh delves deeper into the investigation, the nation awaits updates on the unfolding events surrounding the security breach at Dibrugarh Central Jail. The collaborative efforts of state and central authorities reflect a steadfast commitment to upholding security and thwarting threats to public safety.

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