Pune Man Murdered in Guwahati Radisson Blu Hotel: Kolkata Couple Arrested

A Pune man, Sandeep Suresh Kamble, was allegedly murdered in a Guwahati hotel. The suspects, a Kolkata couple, were apprehended by police. Details unfold in this high-profile case.

Pune Man Murdered in Guwahati Radisson Blu Hotel: Kolkata Couple Arrested
Pune Man Murdered in Guwahati Radisson Blu Hotel: Kolkata Couple Arrested

Guwahati, Feb 6: A chilling incident rocked the serene ambiance of a Radisson Blu hotel in Guwahati as Sandeep Suresh Kamble, a man from Pune, Maharashtra, was reportedly murdered on Monday night. The tragic event unfolded, revealing a high-profile murder case that left the city in shock.

The victim, Sandeep Suresh Kamble, has been identified as the unfortunate soul at the center of this grim narrative. As investigations commenced, CCTV footage from the hotel played a crucial role, leading the Guwahati police to apprehend two suspects, one of whom was a female. The capture took place in the Azara area as the suspects attempted to flee the scene, adding layers of intrigue to the unfolding saga.

Identified as Vikas Kumar Shaw and Anjali Shaw, a couple hailing from Kolkata, West Bengal, the suspects emerged as central figures in this grim tale. Preliminary police inquiries unveiled a disturbing motive behind the heinous act. It is alleged that the couple traveled to Guwahati with sinister intentions, with speculations pointing towards a possible connection between the female suspect and the deceased, hinting at a past romantic involvement.

As the investigation progresses, both suspects find themselves under the scrutiny of law enforcement, currently being probed at the Maligaon Police Station in Guwahati. The authorities are leaving no stone unturned in unraveling the intricacies of this murder mystery, aiming to bring justice to the deceased and closure to the community.

In light of the significance of this case, the city police have announced a media briefing scheduled for 2.30 p.m. today. The conference, to be held in the Conference Hall of the CP office, promises to shed further light on the Radisson Blu murder case. Stay tuned for more updates as this harrowing tale continues to unfold.

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