Tragedy Strikes: 6 Dead, Over 50 Injured in Harda Firecracker Factory Fire

A devastating fire erupts at an illegal firecracker factory in Harda, Madhya Pradesh, claiming six lives and leaving over 50 injured. Immediate relief efforts underway as CM announces ex-gratia for victims' families.

Tragedy Strikes: 6 Dead, Over 50 Injured in Harda Firecracker Factory Fire
Tragedy Strikes: 6 Dead, Over 50 Injured in Harda Firecracker Factory Fire

Harda(Madhya Pradesh), Feb 6: In a devastating incident, a massive fire engulfed a firecracker factory located on Magardha Road in Bairagarh village, resulting in six fatalities and over 50 injuries. The blaze, which erupted at 11:30 am, caused a series of explosions, shaking the entire area and shattering windowpanes of nearby houses and shops. Eyewitnesses likened the scene to an earthquake hitting Harda.

Immediate Response and Relief Efforts

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister, Mohan Yadav, swiftly responded to the tragedy by dispatching Minister Uday Pratap Singh, DG Home Guard Arvind Kumar, and ACS Ajit Kesari to the site via helicopter. Expressing grief over the loss of lives, CM Yadav announced an ex-gratia of Rs 4 lakh for the families of the deceased, along with free medical treatment for the injured.

The injured individuals were promptly transported to the Harda district hospital, with arrangements being made to shift critically wounded persons to hospitals in Bhopal and Indore for advanced care. Ambulances, doctors, and personnel from the NDRF and SDRF were mobilized from nearby districts to assist in the rescue operation.

Investigation and Support Measures

While the cause of the fire remains unknown, Harda Collector Rishi Garg assured that efforts are underway to ascertain the circumstances leading to the tragic incident. Chief Minister Yadav sought detailed information from senior officials and directed the deployment of additional resources, including fire brigades from Indore and Bhopal to the site.

In a social media post, CM Yadav informed the public about the ongoing response efforts and urged medical facilities to make necessary arrangements for the victims. Ambulances and fire engines were summoned from neighboring districts of Harda, Betul, Khandwa, and Narmadapuram to aid in containing the fire and providing assistance to those affected.

As the investigation unfolds and relief operations continue, the community mourns the loss of lives and hopes for the swift recovery of the injured. Authorities remain committed to ensuring support for the affected families and preventing such tragedies in the future.

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