PM Modi Urges BJP Cadres to Win Trust in 100 Days, Sets Sights on “Viksit Bharat”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the BJP's National Convention, urging party members to win voter trust in the next 100 days before the Lok Sabha elections. He emphasized the goal of creating a "Developed India" ("Viksit Bharat") in the next five years.

PM Modi Urges BJP Cadres to Win Trust in 100 Days, Sets Sights on
PM Modi Urges BJP Cadres to Win Trust in 100 Days, Sets Sights on "Viksit Bharat"

New Delhi, February 18: Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered a rousing speech at the concluding day of the BJP’s National Convention in Delhi, urging party cadres and leaders to focus on building voter trust in the next 100 days leading up to the Lok Sabha elections. He emphasized the importance of reaching out to new voters, beneficiaries, and every community to garner their support.

“Over the next 100 days, each and every one of us has to go out and reach out to every new voter, every beneficiary and every community,” Modi declared. “We have got to win everyone’s trust and support.”

He acknowledged the dedication of party workers who continuously engage with the public but stressed the need for renewed enthusiasm and vigor in the coming months. Modi highlighted the significance of newly eligible voters turning 18 today who will cast their ballots for the 18th Lok Sabha.

The Prime Minister laid out the vision of a “developed India” (“Viksit Bharat”) and declared the next five years as crucial in achieving this goal. “The country’s dreams and resolve have got bigger,” he stated. “Our dream and resolution today is to make a Viksit Bharat and the next five years will be crucial to taking our country there.”

Taking a dig at the Opposition, Modi alluded to Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge’s recent slip-up in Parliament, where he mistakenly said “Aab ki baar, 400 paar”. Modi humorously remarked, “Today, even some leaders in the Opposition are chanting ‘NDA sarkar 400 paar’. However, to take the NDA past 400 in the Lok Sabha elections, the BJP has to cross 370 seats or more in the Upper House.”

The speech also included a personal tribute to Jain seer Acharya Shri 108 Vidhyasagar Ji Maharaj, who passed away earlier on Sunday. Modi expressed his sadness and the loss he felt, acknowledging the guidance and advice he received from the leader.

With the Lok Sabha elections approaching, Modi’s speech sets the tone for the BJP’s campaign, focusing on voter trust, development goals, and a united party front. As the nation gears up for the polls, the next 100 days will be crucial in shaping the political landscape and determining the future of India.

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